Manila, PH: Art invasion at The Fort

The height of summer felt like a treasure hunt.

A big telco company had initiated a street art campaign with LeBasse Projects in the “neighborhood” I then did not know I was moving into, and they invited different street artists from around the world to work on mostly large-scale murals in buildings across the CBD. I managed to catch some of them in action:

@natepaints hard at work on a crazy hot day! 🔥☀️ #ArtBGC

Mural in progress #ArtBGC #manila #streetart #streetmurals

💛💚💙 #ArtBGC

Loving this new campaign of Globe! Can't wait to see the finished murals 💛💚💙 #ArtBGC  @magnum.ti @trishpalash @pink_aloe @minamorente

This was around May, and I’ve been meaning to finish this post ages ago, but *coughs* LIFE HAPPENED.

I know. It sounds totally cringey and cliche, but that is really what happened. In less than a month, I found myself saying goodbye to my full-time reporting job and my neighborhood of five years, moved to a new place, in a new neighborhood, and have since been doing the freelance thing full-time. To say that it has been a month of major movement is understating it. Felt a bit displaced for a while—mostly got to do with the fact that my bed moved to the new place days ahead of me—and because of surprisingly demanding freelance deadlines I’ve hardly had time to blog, but now I am back and happily living within walking distance of my yoga studio (which helps maintain my sanity). And I am off to Tokyo again, the second time this year, this coming weekend. :D

But before I board that flight to Narita International Airport, here are the photos of the finished street art that I spent a few days (and walks under the scorching summer sun) accumulating:   

Finished piece by @anjohaseyo 👌😺 #ArtBGC

Found another one! This time by @eggfiasco 😺 #ArtBGC

This is my favorite so far 😍 #ArtBGC #streetmurals #streetart #manila @natepaints

It's like a treasure hunt at this point.😍☺️😊 #ArtBGC






Art attack! #ArtBGC #streetartPH


My cousin F was telling me, it isn’t the same as how “real, authentic, organic” street art is done—and having just recently been to San Francisco where graffiti artists take their “fight” to the walls of the bay area, I couldn’t help but agree—but I think this counts as among the better initiatives/campaigns done by a huge corporate. They not only engaged their audience (let’s not pretend this wasn’t the number one goal here), but they also highlighted how art can breathe life into what would otherwise remain a cold, unfeeling financial district. It’s been a few months and I still see people making the walk to check out the artwork and posting them on social media. Hope they don’t end up painting over the artwork though (If these do end up demolished, may it be done ninja style with crazy murals in place!).

Anyway, happy to finally have more time to spend daydreaming and reminiscing in this tiny space of mine on the Internet. More entries to come! <3

4 thoughts on “Manila, PH: Art invasion at The Fort

  1. I keep going back to BGC just for this! Hunting down the murals all over the place was the best part. It feels so good that Filipinos are acknowledging or at least are being drawn to art more. Would love it if the whole metro is bustling with hidden murals.
    Caffeine Rush


    1. Hi Damon, you know your Philippine history :) This is Fort Bonifacio though, a former army base; the one you speak of is Fort Santiago in Intramuros near Luneta Park where Jose Rizal’s monument stands :)


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