The Golden Hour: Angkor Wat

Every morning at the ungodly hour of five, travelers begin arriving at the Angkor Wat grounds to make their way to this particular pond filled with waterlilies. This spot is touted as the best place to take a photo of Cambodia’s iconic temple at dawn.

Indeed, nothing is as breathtaking as seeing the sun rise to slowly reveal the lotus-like spires of Angkor Wat silhouetted against the vibrant morning sky. It may not be the most peaceful of sunrises—expect the place to be packed—but it is definitely worth waking up early in the morning for.

11 thoughts on “The Golden Hour: Angkor Wat

  1. I see so many posts about Angkor Wat but this is my favorite. You were able to convey so much with a simple picture (albeit a very beautiful one!) and a few words. I just love this.


      1. No, not yet, it’s definitely on my bucket list. The only country we’ve been to in Asia besides Japan is Hong Kong. We were saying how we need to go to one other country in addition to Japan whenever we make our way to that side of the world now.


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