Marmalade Kitchen, BGC: Don’t even bother coming here…please.

Cafes (of the cool and cozy and funky kind) form a great deal of the lifeblood of a freelancer’s “business”.

Anybody in the creative industry will tell you that being in visually pleasing surroundings is PRIME BAIT for luring that *cringes at self for uttering cliched words* ELUSIVE MUSE—and, admittedly, some most days, I am part of that bandwagon. It doesn’t matter that I have all my deadline-demolishing necessities at home (read: internet, unlimited coffee, and the requisite messy-enough desk); sometimes, a girl just needs herself a pretty cafe.


When I moved to Fort Bonifacio, one place that ALMOST fit the bill is Marmalade Kitchen.



I’ve had dinner there with friends and never thought of it as a workplace—primarily because it was lightyears away from the old casa—but when I had lunch in the restaurant the day after moving in, I saw that it could possibly be The One. Checks off on all my requirements for a good writing space: 1) sockets (crucial for when I am engaged in deadly Mortal Kombat with a particularly difficult, or boring, article); 2) good coffee; 3) nice beats; and 4) a lean crowd during my most productive hours.

The only downside? THE FOOD.

I hate how they taste.

I hate how they taste so good they make me consume more calories than my self-imposed daily caloric intake.

This Southern Fried Chicken? Makes me think of home a little too much.


Of all the entrees, I hate this Squid Ink Pasta most of all. Annoys the heck out of me. The stupid melange of succulent seafood has led me to eat it three days in a row, and I had to put in an extra hour or two of yoga each week just to burn off the damn calories. And I hate yoga!***


And this Key Lime Pie? Ugh. Absolutely abhor how the friggin thing is the perfect combination of tart and sweet and how it goes ridiculously well with my black coffee. The crust, god that crust. Horrible.
Desserts, why can't I quit youuuu😂 Happening now: #MarmaladeKitchen's key lime pie making its way to my belleh.😂 #patay #dietwhatdiet

So yeah, don’t bother coming to Marmalade Kitchen.

Not worth a stop when you’re in my side of town. Stick to Starbucks or Coffee Bean, and you will not be disappointed.

If you’re a glutton for punishment, however, here’s the address to this horrible, horrible cafe:

Unit 2-5 Forum South Global, corner Federacion Drive Bonifacio Global City, 7th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila

They sell homemade goodies baddies that I’ve totally regret storing in my pantry, too.


Freshly made pasta? Yech. 

Steer clear!



***I don’t really hate yoga… 

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