The giddy feeling that never gets old

While a journalist by profession, I rarely get to write actual travel pieces (I cover the business sector—which, truth be told, has managed to shock quite a number of friends. Thanks, guys.). So when an article I write about one of my trips finally comes out, I get that same happy, giddy feeling I get that’s almost—almost, but not quite—the same as when I visit a new place for the first time. :D

In other news, I know I’ve been quite the delinquent blogger lately, but that should change soon because I am finally—finally!—coming back to one of my favorite travel haunts in less than a month. Yep,  for those of you who have been following my blog, you guessed it: JAPAN!

Meantime, while I wait in eager anticipation, maybe I ought to start on the long backlog of entries I have lined up.

Thank you, as always, for dropping by the blog :)

Happy travels!


9 thoughts on “The giddy feeling that never gets old

    1. Hi Shelley! Coming back to the Kansai region—Kyoto, Osaka, Nara… going there with a friend who’s visiting the first time so i’ll probably end up going to places I’ve been before. :P Where do you plan to go in November?


      1. Mm, that seems to be a popular destination – I’m heading there myself this November. I’ll also be going with people who haven’t been there, so like you I’ll probably be covering a lot of familiar ground.

        I sure hope our timing’s right for kōyō – nothing like walking under maple trees garbed in their brilliant autumn colours. (^_^)



      2. When I booked the trip, I was under the impression that autumn in Japan would more or less fall the same time as Seoul (mid-October). Turns out autumn in Korea is much earlier. Height of autumn will be in November—it is looking like you will have much better luck than I :D

        Still, always a pleasure to go to Japan. Leaving in less than two weeks! Excited :D


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