#FlashbackFriday: Imagine Dragons and the night two Asian women watched a concert in America

When I was sent to cover the EMC World conference in Las Vegas last May, I was wildly (yes, that is the word) surprised to discover that Imagine Dragons was playing at the company’s client appreciation night. One of my favorite bands of late, to say that I was beyond ecstatic to finally watch them perform live is understating it. The moment the EMC veeps announced this sweet piece of information over at the media briefing room where I was stationed, I wanted to do three things at once: 1) fangirl scream (you all know what I’m talking about), 2) cartwheel from one end of the room to another, and 3) faint.

The night, to say the least, was incredible. EMC put out all the stops: unlimited spirits, free-flowing wine, beer, beer, and more beer, and different food areas that included a carving station which I repeatedly went to, glutton that I am.

Here’s me and Kana, a fellow reporter from Southeast Asia, with our concert paraphernalia.


We ended up staying by one of the buffet stations because we soon discovered, to our detriment, exactly how tiny we Asians were compared to the sea of 6ft+ Americans we were with in the Sands Expo’s massive exhibition hall. Being by the buffet station gave us enough space to stand on our tiptoes and catch a glimpse of Dan Reynolds and the rest of the band. The big screens set up across the venue helped, too.


Yep, not a head out of place…




At one point, two guys looked down upon us and offered to take photos of the band using our phones. We must’ve been a pitiful sight with our hands high (way high) up in the air, trying (in vain) to stand our tallest. :D I find it funny because back home, I’m considered a little on the tall side at 5″4. But in the land of the free, I am apparently tiny. It’s oddly refreshing. Haha.


Of course, the concert itself was beyond extraordinary. One word that stuck with me that night? PERCUSSION. Imagine Dragons especially killed it in Radioactive—their encore and the perfect word that aptly describes our last night in sin city.

Check it out in the video below by BassTian, who did a much better job of capturing the set:

And here is my video of the drums part (apols for the fangirl scream haha)—I still get goosebumps every time I watch this:

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