Read: A love letter to drinking in bars

Hi everyone!

Bear with me… I’m slowly introducing changes to my site. I figured to get myself writing more outside of work, I’d expand content beyond travel and include content I find interesting, as well as some non-travel stories that are part of my portfolio. This is largely due to the fact that I’m torn between posting here and this site I created earlier this year (feel free to check it out) and in an effort to streamline my life (oh so dramatic), I’m deleting that one and just maintaining this to keep my sanity intact. :D

We’ll see how it goes.

Meantime, I’ll start off this change in direction by introducing a new category—Inspiration Stimuli—where I share articles/photos/random stuff that pique my interest.

Kickstarting with this article from the New York Times called A Love Letter to Drinking in Bars.  Love the way it is written, especially this part:

“Going out isn’t automatically more romantic than staying in, but sometimes, even once a year, you should go to a wonderful bar and stay there until they throw you out. Blow the rent money on two perfect martinis side by side, or fly to that little bar in Tangier, where it’s always quarter to 3 and the barman has a degree in Frank Sinatra. Ignore the health warnings, the sage advice, the calorie counters, the sleep addicts: Every great bar is a breath of paradise, and the best ones know, in their gleaming surfaces, what Proust meant when he said that the true paradises are the paradises we have lost.”

Read up!


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