Singapore: Little India’s little secret

Because I’ve more or less explored Singapore with my sister back in 2007, every time I come back, it’s usually to visit friends who’ve relocated there, watch a concert/musical, check out the latest tourist attraction (read: Universal Studios), or indulge in my favorite past time: INHALING FOOD.

Now when it comes to food (and the overconsumption of), Singapore is a glutton’s playground. Because it’s a melting pot of different cultures, you will find everything here. Point to a random country in the world map—Italy, France, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Spain, Greece—and chances are that country’s cuisine has most likely infiltrated Singapore’s richly diverse dining scene. And the great thing about it is that it’s not “localized”. You want Indian, and they will give you Indian, lah.

Such is the case of Lagnaa, a restaurant at No. 6, Upper Dickson Road in Little India whose Buttered Chicken Masala haunts my dreams from time to time.   


The place offers an extensive menu that covers South and North Indian cuisine. For first time diners, they encourage you to try a selection of their best-sellers.



See the orange-colored dishes above? Those are the buttered chicken masala, which we devoured in a matter of minutes. The green one is palak paneer, which I loved pairing with Satan’s Fiery Naan, while the ones with the red and yellow sauces are different kinds of curry that go well with a plateful of steaming basmati rice. (I had no idea what it was about basmati rice that makes it so fluffy, but one time I went to a local Persian restaurant in Manila and the owner enlightened me. The secret is to soak the rice overnight to get rid of the sticky, glutenous texture. Some even soak it with a little milk or salt. Must try this method one of these days.)

Anyway. What’s nice about Lagnaa is that they have this unique system of choosing how spicy you want your food to be.


Now I happen to have a relatively high tolerance for spicy food, but I swear I couldn’t get past Level 4 without feeling as if every corner of my mouth were burning. I officially have the deepest respect for the people who made it to Level 7 (Where Angels Fear).

More than the food, what I love about Lagnaa is its warm and cozy ambience.


I also love the idea of barefoot dining. Makes you feel right at home.


I like places with pretty windows, so having our table by the window was an added treat.


When we came down after a really filling meal, we were thrilled to learn from the owner of the restaurant that we were there in time for the Pongal Festival. He invited us to check out the festivities and even gave us these really neat bindis.


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