The night Mr. Brightside came to my city

Disclaimer: This post is mostly the ramblings of an obsessed fan. Expect a ton of gushing. Hee. :)

You know how it is when a band, whose music you’ve overplayed to the point of sawa (getting tired of it), holds a concert in your city and suddenly you’re listening to their music again with fresh ears? That’s exactly what’s happening to me after I finally—FINALLY—got to watch The Killers live in concert.

I’m not as avid a concert-goer as some of my friends are—plane tickets trump concert tickets in my book—but when one of the few bands I am ridiculously obsessed about decides to come to MY CITY to hold a concert, then I will sure as hell splurge. This was exactly what happened in 2009 when The Killers first announced they were coming to Manila. The day they started selling tickets was the day I bought, despite the fact that I was broke, front row tickets to the show. It was barely a year after they came out with their Day & Age album, and I was itching to hear them play my favorite Hot Fuss tunes.

When they cancelled days before the concert, my heart broke a little. And when I thought they had disbanded after their Day & Age tour, I was disappointed because I didn’t even get a chance to see them perform before they split ways.

When they returned to the stage in 2011 and eventually came out with Battle Born, I would listen to their music half-heartedly and only when it happened to play in a local FM station. It was as if the band were an old flame staging a comeback in my life, and much as I wanted to take them back, I was still reeling from the feeling of being dumped.

The Killers in Manila 2013

But last night, when they finally played in Manila, any feeling of resentment I may have had toward The Killers vanished the moment frontman Brandon Flowers said, “SA WAKAS! The Killers are in Manila!!!”

The Killers in Manila 2013

The Killers in Manila 2013

The Killers in Manila 2013

The Killers in Manila 2013

I swear, when he said that, I wanted to weep!!! Even more so when he added, “Thank you for not giving up on us!!!”

*happy dance*
*GLEE the noun, not the show*
*tears of joy*

Told you I was obsessed. Haha.


The entire night was something out of a dream. They played all my favorite Hot Fuss songs—Smile like you mean it, Mr. Brightside, Somebody told me, Jenny was a friend of mine, Change your mind, All these things that I’ve done—and they made me fall in love with new ones off their Battle Born album.

There is really nothing like watching your favorite band live in concert—you grow to love their music even more because you see how passionate they are. You feel it with every beat of the drum, every high note hit, the way they get the crowd going with each riff…gaaaah. It’s one of my favorite sensations in the world!!!

Compared to their Hot Fuss days when I felt they had an identity crisis because they sounded more Brit than American, they’ve now grown into their own brand of musicality and I found myself thanking my lucky stars that their previous show got cancelled because now I was listening to them at their prime. Hot Fuss will always be my favorite album of all time—it was the album that made me fall in love with The Killers after all—but the latest songs off their Battle Born album are pretty meaty and satisfy on all counts: riffs, drums, lyrics, overall impact…if anything, Battle Born shows that The Killers are upping the ante, proving to the world that they were never really gone, had never really been on hiatus. They were just silently staging one hell of a comeback. >:)

September 26: Officially the best night of the year. ONE HELL OF A SHOW!

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