Michelin moments and then some—Hong Kong in food

When I visit a different country, I don’t mind scrimping on shopping money. But when it comes to food, I want to go all out. Such is the case every time I go to Hong Kong. When a friend and I went there to catch the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ I’m With You tour, we only had two full days in the place, and I wanted to eat as much of the good stuff as possible.


Our first morning there, my friend took me to the cheapest one-star Michelin dim sum in Mongkok, Tim Ho Wan, where we pretty much stuffed our faces silly. Behold, the anatomy of a food coma:

1. Baked pork buns made by the hands of god.



2. Glue rice dumpling wrapped in lotus leaves.



3. Steamed spare ribs with black bean sauce.


4. Deep-fried dim sum filled with meat.


All this, for two hungry ladies (the pork buns were sooo good):


As with all places in Hong Kong, the restaurant is quite small and tends to get packed really fast. We were lucky we got there early because we were among the first batch served.



We were there as early as 9 a.m. The place opens at 10, and the hour wait is so worth it considering you’ll be eating impossibly good food for these prices:


I really need to get myself back there soon.

13 thoughts on “Michelin moments and then some—Hong Kong in food

    1. Glad you liked it. Are there any food places in Hong Kong you wanna recommend? Am always on the lookout for new places to check out, thanks! :)


      1. Nice! Yin Yang was up there with the best meals I’ve eaten. Had a fabulous meal at Hutong as well although clearly more mainstream.


    1. You have to remedy that situation—Hong Kong is food heaven :D

      I’ve been to Taiwan but in the countryside, and I only got to stay in Taipei for a few hours. Definitely coming back for the food!


      1. Technically I was in HK for about 3 hours on a stopover, but I don’t think airport breakfast counts! Although I did get a big shock with the price of the meal – until I realised that HK dollars are different to Australian ones… still there was those few seconds that I thought I was going to have to pay for a $90 sausage with scrambled eggs.

        The countryside of Taiwan is so beautiful. I when up into the mountains just outside the city… and I just loved every minute of it – except for the stinky tofu!


      2. I know what you mean about the stinky tofu…I had to pass on eating it a couple of times. I was there on a food tour and it was part of every meal. I finally caved on my last day there.

        And no, sausage with scrambled eggs at Hong Kong airport does not count. You are missing out, my friend. :P


      3. The first one I had was deep-friend and sprinkled with wasabi powder. It was pretty good once you get past the stench. Maybe it depends on what you cook it with. I also tried steamed stinky tofu in Fenchihu Old Street. They cooked it with chili sauce and I liked it–although I don’t remember it being stinky so maybe it was just regular tofu. haha

        Another place I went to was a duck farm and they served it with duck blood. That one I will only eat if you pay me a million dollars. *cringe*


  1. I went to the Tim Ho Wan in Central at the IFC Bldg. I also got the baked pork buns and steamed spare ribs. SO GOOD, especially the pork buns. I could have had a meal of just those alone and been a happy camper.


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