Project 30 Before 30

A Big Kahuna list of things I did before hitting the Big 3-0 :D

  1. Be a “victim” to ridiculously good music, a.k.a. watch The Killers live in concert.I need a repeat @minamorente @wandering_eneri #thekillersinmanila
  2. Experience Tokyo at its most Tokyo-esque.Japan 2013
  3. Rock out at a music festival.
  4. Spend a week in Boracay.
  5. Swim with the whale sharks in Donsol, Sorsogon.Untitled
  6. Be in three countries in one day.Be in three countries in a day: CHECK! #goldentriangle #laos #myanmar #thailand #travels
  7. Hike up the Chocolate Hills in Bohol.
    Bohol Blessedness 2012
  8. Go on a trek to Mt. Pinatubo’s crater.Trekking to Pinatubo's Crater 2012
  9. Explore Hong Kong again with my high school barkada.mtrme2
  10. Rock out to my favorite band at a concert.IMG_6827
  11. Marvel at the magnificent temples of Angkor.Angkor Wat 2013
  12. Experience traveling solo.
    Finally reached the port after a bus ride that felt like foreverrrr. This beach better be worth it. #wearytraveler #migrainegirl
  13. Experience autumn in Korea.Seoul Fall 2013: Day 2
  14. Explore Kyoto’s most stunning destinations.Makati na naman ang paa. #patay #itchyfeet #wanderlust #kyoto #inari #japan2013 #latergram #instatravel
  15. Spend a “Wicked” weekend in Singapore.Untitled
  16. Do Visita Iglesia on Holy Week.Photo 28/365 - Church no. 4: San Sebastian Basilica #visitaiglesia
  17. Explore an undiscovered travel destination in my country.Christmas 2013
  18. Indulge in an “artful” life—a yearlong project that involves museum visits, attending gallery openings, checking out art workshops, creating art, and exploring different art mediums.Pinto Art Museum 2013
  19. Dress up at a Halloween costume party. (Lame, I know, but I’ve never!)Untitled
  20. Spend a day with the elephants in Chiang Mai. Chiangmai, Thailand: Baan Chang Elephant Park
  21. Conquer the rapids of the Davao River.White water rafting in Davao 2012
  22. Watch the sunrise from one of the Philippines’ highest peaks.Conquering Pulag 2013
  23. Experience Thailand’s Loi Krathong/Yee Peng Festival. Chiang Mai, Thailand: Loi Krathong Day 1
  24. Have a “Turning Japanese” adventure :PRunning to make the group shot!
  25. Go on a fun dive.
    El Nido Family Reunion 2010
  26. Brush up on local history in Corregidor Island.Cine Corregidor. Last movie shown here was Gone With the Wind
  27. Go on a Southern Luzon road trip.Flirty Thirty road trip to Laguna
  28. See the sakura in full bloom.
    Went for an early morning walk at the Shinjuku-gyoen earlier. Ran into these rugby players dressed up in Dragonball costumes--they were a huge hit in the park! :D #onlyinjapan #sakura #cherryblossoms #anime #dragonball #travels #lovejapan #tokyo
  29. Indulge in an out-of-town weekend doing absolutely nothing.Balesin Island 2013
  30. Go leisure farm-hopping in Taiwan. Taiwan 2013

Mission accomplished February 2014—time to make a new one! :D

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