#TheFooFighters in Singapore: The Best of Nights

Watching The Foo Fighters in Singapore’s National Stadium was the first time I went to a concert alone.

I’ve been doing a lot of things on my own these days, and it’s looking like I’m happy with the company I keep. I didn’t think I’d add “watch a concert in a foreign country alone” to my list of solitary activities, but when I found out that, coincidentally, Dave Grohl and his band and I would be in the same area code the other weekend, I went ahead and got a ticket.

It really was the best of nights.

The Foo Fighters operate at their own funky rhythm—no opening act (because they’ve waited 21 years!), no encore (because they’re not going to pretend to leave for a few minutes and go back out to an audience clamoring for a few more of the great hits; yeah I’d probably be one of the screamers there; also, not Grohl’s exact words haha). It was one cuh-razy good, goosebumps-on-goosebumps inducing number after another.

It was all kinds of fantastic. I love the usual frenzy that comes over an audience the moment the band hits the stage (which anted up the moment everybody discovered it wasn’t the opening act!), the way Dave Grohl got a little choked up singing an acoustic version of Big Me after discovering the crowd knew all the lyrics (“Oh shit! Oh my God…” His reaction was priceless), AND AND AND the best part of the night, how their motley crew got all silent midway through Best Of You because the crowd ended up serenading them. An overwhelmed Grohl, his arms raised in gratitude, blew kisses to the audience, and said, “If this were any other concert, that would’ve been the perfect ending.”

Well as if things couldn’t get any more overwhelming, belting out frickin’ Everlong in the end really did me in. The night ended with everybody feeling too many feelings haha.
Even after they left the stage, everyone was still humming “Oh….oh…” from Best of You as they made their way out of the stadium, the melody even following me hours after the concert in a hawkers market in Novena where a table of FOOls were belting it out, everybody evidently still on a high. It was such an amazing phenomenon, one I still relive over and over again in my mind.

Thank god for the music! <3

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