Panglao Island, Bohol: In pursuit of pleasure (and dolphins)

Because no summer is ever complete without a requisite trip to the beach—and you don’t say “no” to rare opportunities like a story assignment on Eskaya Resort & Spa—I found myself boarding a plane to Tagbilaran City last Sunday for a quick weekend getaway.

An island in Central Philippines, Bohol has carved itself a sweet spot in this journo’s heart. It’s purely coincidence, but prior to every trip made to this beautiful, laid-back island would see me going through turbulent times, and every visit would always leave me feeling like all is right in the world. After two days of doing nothing but staring out into the horizon, catching up on my reading, and enjoying Eskaya’s luxurious amenities—as far as luxury resorts go, this one really takes the cake—Bohol once again gave me exactly what I needed.





Hello there, summer 😊🌞🌺 #bougainvillea #islandfun #travelingjourno #bohol #morefuninthephilippines


Left this piece of paradise early this morning. Cry. #eskaya #bohol #travelingjourno #islandfun #Philippineresorts

Love these yellow blooms at Eskaya 🌼🌼🌼#eskaya #bohol #travelingjourno #islandfun #funinPH



Lovely 💛 #eskaya #bohol #morefuninthephilippines #travelingjourno #Philippineresorts

While much of our party’s time was spent at the resort, we devoted our entire Monday morning snorkelling in nearby Balicasag Island. Located 45 minutes away from Alona Beach, the gorgeous coral reefs of Balicasag definitely made me rethink getting that diving license stat. I’ve been meaning to get one since my intro dive in El Nido, Palawan a few years back, and now I am suddenly itching to take that particular to-do item higher up in my priority list again (!!!).

Our boat left Eskaya a little after sunrise, and the journey to Balicasag Island afforded us with views that will leave anybody in awe. Blues, blues, blues everywhere you look.

Island fun 💙💙💙

🌞🌞🌞 #islandfun #bohol #Philippineresorts #travelingjourno


Crystal clear waters 🐬👌☀️ #islandfun #travelingjourno #bohol #funinPH

As if that didn’t tug at the heart enough, a few kilometers away from the island will leave you either speechless or in a fit of giggles, thanks to these adorable creatures:

Balicasag Island, Panglao, Bohol 💛💚💙 #dolphinwatch #bohol #islandfun #Philippineresorts #funinPH

Early Monday meeting with my three amigos (and 30-50 or so of their equally darling mates) 😍☀️🐬🐬🐬 #dolphinwatch #bohol #islandfun #funinPH

I’d skipped dolphin watching the last time I was in Bohol, and now I regret not seeing them sooner. For a while there, as we neared Balicasag’s shore, we thought they’d decided to take the day off from showing off for us tourists, but in an instant there they all were. Around 30 to 50 dolphins graced us with their presence that day—and it happened with only our boat around so we had them all to ourselves for a good half hour. I’d have gladly spent the entire morning there. The sight of these darling creatures goofing about a few meters away will keep your mind off all worries. I reckon there should be more Mondays like this. :D

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