In Plane Sight: Here, there, everywhere

More than the destinations themselves, what I love and enjoy most about travel is the actual flight. That journey from Point A to Point B gives me what I, because of all the deadlines and distractions of my daily routine, tend to prioritize the least: “Me” time.

Twilight at 30,000 feet.  #sunset #twilight #beautiful #homebound #travels #beautiful #100happydays #itchyfeet #homecoming #night

Daet 2010

Palawan 2009

Daet 2010


Perfect flying weather 🙏😊☀️ Welcoming 2015 in this sunny piece of paradise!

Birds have it good. I want to be one in my next life. #birdseyeview #BGC #workaholicdiaries


Batanes 2011

Palawan 2009

Palawan 2009

Palawan 2009

Palawan 2009

Because we spend so much time in the outside world, in every nook and cranny of social media and the Internet and the daily grind, we tend to neglect spending time just basking in the glory of the moment, of the present.

Being in flight—confined within the walls of a jet, strapped on my seat, doing nothing but eat, sleep and space out for hours on end (I’ve made attempts to read but, without fail, doze off after a few minutes…you’d think I’d stop bringing books on trips, but I still do anyway. Nerd.)—it lets me do the one thing I need to keep my sanity intact: unplug.

From as high up as 30,000 feet, I do nothing but observe the world below, as well as the thoughts lazily streaming through my head. I especially love it when I’m traveling alone, when I have only myself for company—it’s the best way to check in on my current state. When I’m listless and on edge, I know there are things that need to be addressed—not necessarily immediately, but things I just know I have to deal with it. When I’m just sitting there, feeling all content and happy, I know I’m doing something right. Luckily, the latter has been the case for most of my travels this past 2014. Every time I found myself in transit, I’d catch myself just seating by the window with a silly grin on my face. Partly because I’m happy, but also because when I’m up there, I get to see things from a totally different perspective. Funnily enough, long-haul flights give me jet lag, but they do wonders on my state of mind, too.

Palawan 2009


3 thoughts on “In Plane Sight: Here, there, everywhere

  1. Amazing photos from above!
    As you I also love the flying from A to B…even though I am afraid of heights and hate take-offs.
    It is indeed a moment to enjoy myself, try to slowdown a bit!
    Great idea to write this post! Happy travels in 2015 :D


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