Word on the street: I heart San Francisco

My San Franciscan aunt let me in on a local joke: The reason why it’s always foggy in Daly City? It’s because of all the steam coming from too many Filipinos cooking rice.

(It sounded funnier coming from her.)

I’ve been to the Bay Area several times now. Because I’ve a lot of relatives living in the West Coast, I’ve seen quite a lot of California during past trips taken with my family. But I have to say that this particular trip trumped the previous ones because, first, IT IS THE LATEST. I’ve been away far too long. The last time I was here was back in 2005, and to say that I have missed the place a great deal is an understatement.

Second, this particular trip not only reminded me of how much I loved the city, but it also led me to realize that it is, in fact, quite small. The last time I was here, it certainly did not feel that way—I thought San Fran was as big as the, uh, Big Apple. But after touring my friend A (who’s in from London) around all the must-see spots and covering everything in less than a day, it made me see that the place actually has this small-town vibe going for it.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset






Third, it was the first time I came here after I started running, which I soon discovered is one of the joys of being in the city. My aunt lived a few blocks away from Lands End, and on our first morning there, A and I were rewarded with this awesome view of the ocean:




And the Golden Gate Bridge:


Seriously, I’d live in SF for the sheer joy of running amid vistas like Lands End.

I think the only thing I find sucky about the Bay Area is its crazy-expensive real estate. It’s been said that real estate here is one of the most expensive in the world.


But there is always that 0.00000001 percent chance that I win the lottery to remedy the situation.

More entries to come—because I find that when it comes to San Francisco, there will always be unfinished business. :p

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