I’m alive…and in the Bay Area :)

So I know that I have not posted an entry since March, and I solemnly swear to remedy that situation soon. The primary reason for the lack of new entries is Flickr. I used to embed all my photos through the site (so convenient) when it suddenly came up with a new version that doesn’t include that function anymore. I’m not exactly the most patient person in the universe, and because the Internet situation in Manila isn’t the fastest (apparently, according to a recent study, we are behind Myanmar and Laos), I haven’t had the inclination to write anything new—you all know I am all about the photo-heavy posts. :D

I’m in San Francisco at the moment, after a work conference in Las Vegas last week, and am now happily rediscovering one of my favorite cities in the States. I’m only here for the rest of the week, but I am not leaving until I cross off all of the following:

1. Capture the city’s vibrant street art scene.

2. Find the best coffee place in the city—I’ve been quite lazy in that aspect as I’ve only hit the Philz near my street. Really interesting flavors though.

3. Eat the best burger in town. Help me, Sanfo locals!

4. Go to Japantown—we all know I’m a Japan freak so a visit here is a must.

5. Hit all the tourist spots—DONE! My friend A from London joined me here last weekend and we covered all of it in a day (post soon!).

6. Go for a run in Golden Gate Park.

7. Hit at least two museums—one down (checked out the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit at the de Young Museum last Friday), one more to go (sadly, SF MOMA is closed for renovation.)

8. Watch my first live baseball game.

9. Go to Sausalito…hoping this happens tomorrow. Will see…

10. Retail therapy…

Oh, and I need to squeeze in time to get a little work done (hard to do with the 15-hour time difference…). Wish me luck! Hoping to really demolish the entire list by Friday.

Entries soon! :)

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