Seoul: I am so ready for the fall

After being landlocked since my solo trip to Bantayan in August, I am finally hitting the airport again!

LOCATION: Seoul, South Korea. :D

I cannot wait. If you asked me last year if I wanted to go to Korea, I’d have given you a noncommittal shrug and say, “Eh…I dunno. Maybe.”

I was never bitten by the K-pop bug that’s seem to have infected a huge chunk of the country’s young (and young at heart) population. I’ve only seen one koreanovela (Coffee Prince), which was kinda cute, and I do love the occasional japchae, kimchi and beef bulgogi. But visiting Korea never really figured into my list of countries to visit. That is, until my friend and Cambodia travel buddy Tracey—who stayed in Seoul for a six-month research grant and came back a country brand ambassador (somebody give her a key to the city!)—told me that South Korea beats Japan in many respects.

Now being an avid lover of all things Japanese, I am quite skeptical about that. But I know that every country I visit exudes its own unique charm and I’m sure South Korea is no different. When I went to a Korea tourism event a few months back, they showed us videos of Seoul in autumn. They even pinpointed places where famous koreanovelas were shot—of course, I had no idea what they were talking about but the place looked really beautiful that it convinced me to finally include South Korea in my travel bucket list. You see, I’ve never experienced autumn. It’s the curse of being an island girl. Autumn has always been on my bucket list so I figured I’d hit two birds with one stone and schedule a Seoul trip next October 2014.

But as luck would have it, I am suddenly off to South Korea for a three-day journalism conference. The best part about this coming trip? I am extending it and my sister decided to join me. The last time we traveled together, just us two, was way back in 2007 in Singapore. It was one of the best trips, and I know that this one will be even more fun because if there is anybody who can match my appetite for travel, it is my crazy mini me:

Singapore with the sister 2007

We’ve both been traveling a lot in the last two years, but mostly with our own set of friends, so I really can’t wait to explore Seoul together.

Because we both have no idea where to go and what to see, Tracey made us an itinerary. We’re supposed to check out Hwasseong Fortress, Changdeokgung Palace, Bukchon Village, Insadong, Changgeongung and Nami Island, visit a museum or two (we’re art freaks) and watch a Miso show. And turns out we’re quite lucky, too, because we’re also there in time for the Seoul Lantern Festival. Love it. I cannot wait, lah!

2 thoughts on “Seoul: I am so ready for the fall

  1. Wow, Seoul, you and your sister are going to have such a wonderful time together! I absolutely love Korean food, soondubu (tofu soup) is one of my favorite things to eat when the weather starts getting chilly. To be honest, I didn’t have that much interest in going to Korea until I started my blog and would read about other people’s Korean adventures through the WordPress reader. I was blown away by how lovely the country looked in pictures. One of my favorite bloggers, Diego, just finished up a 5 part write-up on his visit to Seoul last winter and I think you might enjoy it ( Can’t wait to read all about your trip!


    1. Thanks for the link—will definitely check out his blog :D

      People have been telling me about how good Korean food is in Seoul. There are a lot of Korean restaurants here in Manila because a lot of the Koreans come here to learn English, and I’ve grown to love their cuisine. I can’t wait to eat my way around Seoul. One WordPress blogger told me that if there was only one tip about Korea that I had to follow, it would be to eat everything in sight. Not a problem. Haha!


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